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Below you will find a few of the many testimonials I have received from clients who have participated in Wellness Yoga.

"Seeking to find your own body, mind, and spirit connection? Join Illa's wonderful Wellness Yoga classes and she will lead you along your own personal journey.  Improve your flexibility, discover wellness secrets for your own body, relax your mind, and touch your spirit!  Also, plenty of humor and friendships made along the way.  Thank you, Illa for opening these new pathways for me. "

-C. Butler

"Ila Gupta is an excellent teacher ,philosopher and guide .As her student in her yoga classes I have found her to be a motivational teacher pushing her students to reach their maximum potential and soak in her pearls of wisdom to transform and strenghten themselves to greater heights physically and spiritually."

-Padmini Murthy

"The yoga classes for beginners offered at Quantum Healing are a perfect way to get started, not too difficult, but with just enough challenge to keep you wanting more. Ila makes it fun and interesting, always explaining thoroughly what it is we are doing and what muscle group/s we are working. A fantastic way to get centered as we start and end each class with a short meditation. I always leave feeling much better, physically and spiritually!"

-Tom Guerrera

" One Last Try - I told myself as my Doctor handed me information on Ila’s Wellness Yoga classes. Little did I know this was no ordinary yoga teacher. She is a vessel, a healer and a guide and I have changed. And I continue to change and evolve in ways I never knew was possible. I am experiencing joy, peace, a sense of purpose, self-love, physical health.

-Mona Kiebler

"Since I started doing meditation and yoga with Ila, I have received numerous benefits. I'm 64 and my body was getting stiff and my flexibility was not good. I was surprised that in a short period of time my movement has improved to a point I can go up and down stairs without a problem. Her approach to meditation had benefits for me immediately. The total benefit has been me been more balanced in both my mind and body."

- Debbie Luna

"None of the yoga classes I have take over a 30 year span compare to Ila's Wellness Yoga. The classes are unique in that she combines yoga, meditation and incorporates chakra healing in many of her classes. Because of this I consistently receive numerous benefits both physically and mentally. Physically- I have osteoarthritis which in the past caused stiffness. I was told never to do certain postures. I now do practically all the postures and my flexibility has improved! Mentally - My stress and anxiety levels have improved and now I live a more peaceful existence."

-Deborah Luna-Cerasaro

"After feeling depressed and sick for two years, I decided to take yoga. Wellness Yoga with Ila helped me become relaxed and less depressed and has improved my balance and flexibility. Ila helped me because she is a very spiritual and amazing person. 

-Debbie Hunt