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Below you will find a few of the many testimonials I have received from clients describing the benefits they experienced through the meditation sessions I regularly conduct.

“What I enjoy most about Ila’s group meditations is that an eclectic group of people who don’t really know each other, can come together and resonate in a loving vibe that envelopes the room. An extension of Ila, no doubt, and a testament to how she truly connects with everyone there. You leave with a sense of empowerment, and know that you can affect the world around you with a simple, genuine smile…”

-Tom Guerrera

“I look forward to Group Mediation each month.  Ila always gives me some great nuggets in terms of spiritual and scientific learning.  The mediation is easy to follow.  Ila is a gifted healer whose wisdom and kindness touch everyone.  I always leave her meditation group feeling uplifted and that extra positive energy grounds me and brings light to my day.”

-Sharon Affonso

Since I started doing meditation and yoga with Ila, I have received numerous benefits. I’m 64 and my body was getting stiff and my flexibility was not good. I was surprised that in a short period of time my movement has improved to a point I can go up and down stairs without a problem. Her approach to meditation had benefits for me immediately.
The total benefit has been me been more balanced in both my mind and body.

-Debbie Luna

I am so glad to join in a healthy meditation group in our local community . The meditation group that Ila conducts is incredible and helps me to be more connected to my holy soul . And getting in touch with same minded people who  gather makes us feel whole and healthy.”

-Mitra Vosoughi

“I have never done meditation per se outside.  I wanted to tell you a couple perceptions I had.  Soon as I sat down and let my consciousness spread out, I felt a calm oneness with the birds, the breeze, and even the rumbling trucks and car sounds.  Later, when you said to feel the Earth through our feet, I felt it through my feet and through the legs of the plastic chair.  I was a bit surprised by feeling through the chair as I viewed  the plastic as “artificial”, “not natural”.  This then spread till I could feel  a section of our mother planet, sort of like if you take a sphere and slice a small disk off it so you got a small domed piece.   i was an insignificant mote on this disc.  The feeling was going to spread but I stopped it cause it was becoming overwhelming compared to my puny human form! ”

-A. D.

“… It felt like the earth was breathing with us, the earth’s pulsating breath. I plan to join you at the next group meditation. In light and love.”

– N. M.

“Along with Mother Earth, I remembered both my mother and mother-in-law. It was very nice and I enjoyed your session. Thank you for everything”

-A. M.

“It was such a great meeting. I left with a feeling of peace and calmness and am looking forward to the next group meditation. Thanks Ila, for the gift of you.”

-M. O.