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Scientists Asking the Unasked Questions

Consciousness = E=Mc2
Are Consciousness, Energy and Matter the Fundamental Nature of Reality?

It was during his return journey to earth after having walked on the surface of the moon and successfully completing the Apollo 14 mission that an event forever changed astronaut Edgar Mitchell – as if being the sixth human to walk on moon is not a sufficient enough reason to profoundly shift one’s perception of life. From his window seat of the spacecraft, Dr. Mitchell jokes that he was lucky to have secured one – a window seat that is, watching our magnificent planet gradually appear on the horizon – suspended in the vast space, he unexpectedly experienced an interconnectedness of the universe and of himself with the entire creation; a state known as Samadhi in the Vedic wisdom tradition.

“I realized that the story of ourselves as told by science – our cosmology, our religion – was incomplete and likely flawed. I recognized that the Newtonian idea of separate, independent, discrete things in the universe wasn’t a fully accurate description. What was needed was a new story of who we are and what we are capable of becoming.”

Dr. Mitchell’s inner knowing of this deeper reality was direct, unmediated and a fully visceral experience that begged further scientific inquiry and resulted in his founding the Institute Of Noetic Sciences (IONS) with its mission: The scientific study of human consciousness. Noetic means inner knowing or knowing beyond the five senses. The work at IONS has been described as the Apollo Program for the Inner Space.

Here scientists apply the rigors of scientific research to topics such as the human consciousness, potential and perception beyond the five senses; the mechanisms of deeper meaningful experiences of people across time and cultures irrespective of their individual circumstance; the nature of reality; how our intention and attention shape our reality; existence of consciousness beyond the human brain; evidence of everything being interconnected ; our ability to transcend time and space; healing of the human body and the internal processes that stimulate recovery etc.
Several experiments at the IONS have demonstrated our instantaneous interconnectedness with others in the absence of electromagnetic fields or other direct modes of information exchange. Our intention and attention, attributes of consciousness, have shown to cause changes in the brains of others.

Dr. Deepak Chopra has stated:
Consciousness is life itself
It cannot be perceived but without it there is no life
It cannot be cognized but without it there is no thought
Consciousness is the ground of existence that differentiates everything we think of as reality- space, time, information and matter.

It is this ground of existence consciousness, beyond the modes of space and time, along with a focused attention to the intentional application of skills that effectuate positive physical, emotional and mental states health in my “at-a-distance” clients. – Ila Gupta, Energy Healing Science Practitioner

Albert Einstein once said, ”the most beautiful and most profound emotions we can experience is the sensation of the mystical. It is the sower of all true science.”