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Stress Management Program

Session Overview

Designed for individuals or groups, this eight week program teaches well researched and proven stress management techniques that can be seamlessly incorporated into your life.

Your ability to handle pressure and tension will improve during this course and beyond with the use of take away tools and skills. The eight 60 minute sessions will begin with a Wellness Self-Assessment to help you identify your symptoms of stress.

Note: You will complete another Wellness Self-Assessment at the program’s end in order to gauge your progress in the management of stress.

The Stress Management sessions incorporate the following:

  1.      Gentle chair yoga stretches to help release muscular tightness and massage your major organs while helping you achieve a sense of calm alertness.
  2.      Meridian Energy Booster massage to open and balance the two major bio-energy channels of your body.
  3.      Breathing techniques designed to calm your nervous system and gently move you into a state of meditation. Research has repeatedly proven the positive effects of proper breathing on the body’s nervous and circulatory systems.
  4.      Eight guided meditations to evoke deep healing within your body. Dr. Herbert Benson of Harvard Medical School has demonstrated that regular meditation results in a drop in heart, breathing metabolic and blood pressure rates. He refers to this as the body’s Relaxation Response.

    Recent studies conducted by The Chopra Foundation with UCFS, Harvard University and Mount Sinai Hospital have demonstrated a 40% increase in telomerase, an enzyme that helps regulate biological aging and “a significant enhancement of genes associated with wellbeing and a significant reduction in genes associated with stress and inflammation” in participants who meditated. You are encouraged to record our mediations on your smart phone etc. for at home practice and support.

  5.      Signs that alert you to an increase in your stress levels.
  6.      Developing inner guidance.
  7.      Time management skills.

Location: My office or yours.
Payment and Refund Policy: Full payment at registration. Minus $50 refund at the end of the first class.