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With the Intention to Direct the Focused Energies of a Small Group of People to Help Heal Others, Themselves and The Earth itself.

A small number of volunteers from my monthly environmental (Earth Water Fire Air Space) and body-based- group-healing meditations meet on a regular basis to focus on a specific health issue of one of the participants, with a different person being the wellness recipient of directed focused energies during each such meeting.
Different than praying for Divine intercession, the participants learn to feel the wellness of the receiver in their own bodies to help restore the natural rhythms of health in him or her. So, in a way, we work in partnership with The Universe for co-creating health and well-being in others and ourselves.
Interestingly, research indicates positive rebound effects on the health and feelings of wellness in such senders with reported increased feelings of peace, improved digestion, sleep, blood pressure, relationships etc. and reduced anxiety and stress related physical and psychological symptoms.
Recording these sessions for feedback and tracking in real time, helps us stay motivated and connected to a purpose larger than our individual selves, thus developing feelings of unity consciousness.
Something we all could benefit from.