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Knees and Hip Replacements ▪ Dental Procedures ▪ Fractures, Tendon and Ligament Repair ▪ Breast Reduction ▪ Caesarian Births ▪ Bariatric Surgeries etc.

Very popular and sought after, this specially priced package of two sessions has evolved into one of my specializations, with their purpose being to increase the successful outcome of surgical procedure(s) while minimizing the intensity and duration of pain and the use of opioid medications.

Over the years I have repeatedly witnessed quicker than expected recoveries with health and restoration of functioning to the effected parts of the body:

 Clients having undergone knee and bi-lateral knee replacements have experienced quicker recovery/ mobility with less than expected levels of pain.

 Multiple dental procedures, expected take 5-6 appointments with an oral surgeon over a 6-8-month period were accomplished during a single appointment and again with minimal to no use of opioid painkillers.

A woman having undergone breast reduction surgeries needed a single dose of acetaminophen, as opposed to expected multiple doses of opioid pain killers.

The first of the two sessions are conducted in person or long distance the day before the surgical procedure with the second one, being long distance, immediately or on the following day.