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Mentorship Program for Reiki, massage, chiropractic and other energy / body workers

Session Overview

Each five week module helps enhance your existing skills. You will learn to deepen your physical contact with your clients through “sink and connect” techniques such as “sinking” your “energy hands/fingers” to relieve tight muscles, spinal misalignment etc. without the application of excessive physical pressure.

Five 90 minute individual sessions of Module-1 cover foundational skills and outcomes as they relate to your unique modality. You will learn to:



  • Regulate and enhance your own energy system in order to harmonically induce the same in your clients.
  • Develop High Sense Perception skills to increase your visual, auditory, kinesthetic and intuitive abilities.
  • Chakra assessment and balance techniques
  • Integration of Energy healing with your current modality.



Module -2 onward will include advanced healing skills, Ayurveda, Perfect Health Program and yoga, meditation and breathing exercises etc.

A recent student’s experience:
Quantum Energy Healing’s Module -1 training program has added another dimension to my Reiki practice. Ila tailored her instructions to help enhance my existing skills and taught many aspects of her eclectic practice. The training work book was very helpful, with easy to follow at home exercises and condensed versions of classroom lectures.

Practicing healings on Ila was very valuable to me as she provided immediate feedback on my newly learnt skills, helping fine tune them in a very practical and timely manner.

I am continuing my training of advanced healing skills with Ila.”

Kim Zinsser, Reiki Master