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Energy Balance Healing

What you expect from Energy Balance Healing sessions:


  • Assessment and balancing of energy centers
  • Promotes physical and mental relaxation and wellness

Long distance or in person

Session Overview

energy_balanceWithin the centerline of our bodies, along major nerve plexus, are 7 energy centers or chakras (vortices of energy), each vibrating or pulsating within a specific frequency band. In her 1988 research at UCLA, Dr. Valorie Hunt confirmed these energy measurements: “Chakras frequently carried the colors stated in the metaphysical literature.” Nobel Laureate Physiologist Irvin Korr demonstrated complex energy activity in areas of nervous system that correspond with the location of chakras.

The chakras determine the state of our physical, psychological and spiritual health. When our chakras are open and functioning, we feel energized, healthy and vibrant, while sluggish and weak chakras indicate similar symptoms in associated organs:

Digestive system is strengthened by balancing the solar plexus chakra. We are able to manifest our creative ideas into reality and “make it happen” after 6th chakra healing. Feelings of well-being with reduced anxiety and pain often result after a chakra balancing session.

Enhanced Support – Following such a healing may include specific yoga stretches to strengthen the weakened chakras, meridian opening techniques, breathing exercises and/or lifestyle suggestions based on your body and mind constitution.