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Emotional Relationship Healing

What you expect from Emotional Relationship Healing sessions:


  • Assessment and balancing of energy centers
  • Clears and restructures heart energy center to facilitate release of emotional pain
  • Strengthens relational cords for improved communication and emotional connection
  • Releases unhealthy and painful relational cords that no longer serve your well being

Long distance or in person
Single Sessions or
Paired Sessions
(Couples; Familial: mother/daughter etc. ).

Session Overview
emotional_cord_with_textWe are connected to people in our lives through cords of light and energy from our chakras to theirs. These cords represent different aspects of our relationships in accordance with each chakra’s psychological function .

“Tugging at one’s heartstrings”; feeling “connected” to a certain person; staying “hooked” or “severing ties” with an old relationship are psychological descriptions of our relational cord experiences. Mutually supportive, interdependent relationships result in healthy, pulsating, vibrant cords where energy easily flows both ways. Whereas painful, abusive, codependent relationships result in damaged, heavy and stagnant cords. Red hot energy may flow from the cords of the “abuser” depleting and weakening the more vulnerable partner.

I have repeatedly observed the powerful effects of relational cords healing: A divorced couple improved their communication for their children’s sake, after I had cleaned and cleaned their throat chakra cords. While a mother re-established dialogue with her estranged son soon after I had cleared their genetic cords.

The beauty of this type of healing is that only one person of the dyad needs to be physically present at the healing session.

Enhanced Support in this type of healing involves empowering a client through self healing techniques such as chakra strengthening, meditation etc.