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Healing by quantum energy is increasingly being used as a complement to traditional allopathic medicine by many physicians and medical institutions to enhance patient healing after surgeries and major illnesses.

physician_iconAn energy healing practitioner needs to undergo rigorous training before he or she acquires the necessary understanding and techniques to evoke the healing capability of the body. Ila Gupta is a well-trained and an experienced healer who possesses the skills to facilitate such a healing in the body.

I have personally experienced its proven results with Ila Gupta-after going through her energy healing treatment, I was able to avoid using strong medications and traditional procedures.

I have referred my patients to Ila with remarkable results. A patient, who was referred to Ila for a surgical preparatory session, reported that her surgeons were “amazed” at her uncomplicated surgical procedure and rate of recovery following a polycystic gallbladder removal.

In another case, a patient with an unhealed wound (port) of six months, who had failed to respond to traditional treatments, experienced complete wound closure and increased physical and emotional wellbeing in two weeks following two sessions with Ila.

I plan to continue referring patients to Ila for their energy enhancement and healing.

-Indu Lal, MD., FAAP
Associate member AAMA

Hands on healing has been proven effective in a statistically significant way.

The EEG can be influenced by a distant healer. Hemoglobin can be raised by a therapeutic touch.

DHEA can be raised within minutes by an accomplished spiritual (energy) healer …energy medicine is the future of our health.

-Norman Shealy M.D., Ph.D.
Neurosurgeon, Psychologist.
Founding President of American Holistic Medical Association