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A Hero / Heroine’s Journey

Session Overview

These are deeply transformative physical-psychological-spiritual energy healing sessions. A Hero or Heroine’s Journey, as described by teacher and writer Joseph Campbell, is undertaken by all heroes in mythology and literature as they move from fear and emotional pain and awaken to their highest potential and are then presented with opportunities to share their unique gifts with humanity.

Your inner work will develop and deepen over several sessions and as your relationship with self and others becomes more authentic, you will also become aware of your inner guidance, cultivate your intuition and identify your life work or the higher purpose of your incarnation. To paraphrase Mark Twain, the two most important days of your life is birth and the day you discover the purpose of your life thereby aligning your personality with your soul or the core of your being.
As your journey progresses, you will develop insights into your habitual defensive patterns such as the overuse of your ego and will power to control others, your superiority or inferiority and submission as means of manipulation: The masks of our false self-image we present to the world – and ourselves.

Deep energy work will release old emotional and physical pain from your tissues, often resulting in healing chronic disorders.

You will learn meditation skills to manage stress and repair your body and mind, and specific chakra openings and yoga stretches to facilitate the release of your individual defense patterns and fears. Strengthening the frequency of your positive intention will further these transformational changes in you and unleash deep creativity.

An illustration of a Heroine’s journey:
She presented with stress related headaches and tightened shoulders, endometriosis and herpes. Her poor self-image, childhood abuse and early parentification contributed to her unhappiness with herself, her relationships, work and her life. Despite of years of psychotherapy she felt stuck and helpless. Our sessions included chakra balance and repair to help release emotional and physical trauma from her body, clearing her relational cords and strengthening the frequency of her positive intention towards self and her work. We explored her fears and poor self-images that were, at their core, the result of her identification with the negative archetypal images of “Eve” who she described as “evil” “a temptress”, needing to be “restricted and punished”- imprints of the first woman, our collective mother, insidiously woven in our culture.

Our Heroine felt the same about herself. She was, after all a woman and the daughter of Eve, subordinate and never worthy of authentic power, unless she was using it in sexual manipulation- self-loathing at its deepest. Having rejected her feminine creativity, authentic power and self-worth, the compressed energy in her pelvis (2nd Chakra) erupted as endometriosis and outbreaks of herpes.

Overtime she developed a positive self-concept and confidence in her ability to say “no” to abusive relationships along with a healthier relationship to food. Her work effectuated meaningful changes in the lives of those she worked with and her stress related pain, endometriosis and herpes flare-ups were much improved.

She emerged from her journey, a remarkable young woman, bearing gifts of compassion and wisdom. Having gained clarity about her choices, she had embraced the positive or golden aspects of Eve.

Cost: $100.00 per session

A current traveler states:
As a social worker, I feel it is my calling to help provide for those in need. I have found myself struggling to balance my chosen path of service and the feelings which well up as a result of who I am, and those I serve. Together with Ila’s guidance and nurture I am able to hold a mirror up to myself and examine the fibers I am made up of. The journey to understanding is all encompassing, and the gentle assurance which Ila has provided to me in our sessions has been empowering and beautiful. Through our work together I have felt my life grow richer, and I am grateful.
P. – MSW