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A World of Wholeness

“The foundation of energy healing is the Quantum Physics principle that at its core, all matter is energy and vibrations. Quantum Energy Healing, a new paradigm of wellness, corrects the body’s electromagnetic bio-frequencies and restores its ability to repair and heal.”

– Ila Gupta, Energy Healing Science Practitioner

Wellness and health is maintained through a balance and flow of body’s energy. Every physical being has an energy grid or field mapped to their body, which in large part determines their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.

This field is affected by both internal and external factors of our lives. Disease is the result of stagnation, imbalance and unhealthy flow of the body’s energy.


Quantum Energy Healing may facilitate:

  • Faster recovery from surgery and trauma
  • Relief from pain and symptoms associated with many diseases
  • Deep relaxation
  • Decreased stress, anxiety & depression
  • A heightened sense of wellbeing & joy
  • Spiritual and personal development
  • Emotional & relationship healing

Your Session and Enhanced Support

healing_hands1Your Quantum Energy Healing Session begins with clarifying your needs and intention.

After removing your shoes (clothes will stay on), you will lie down on a massage table or on a bed in your home for a long distance session. I will place my hands on various parts of your body to balance your energy system. As the session progresses, your body will evoke its healing ability and you will likely shift in a deep state or relaxation.

At the end of your session, I will customize an after care plan that you may follow on your own. This could include specific yoga stretches, breathing exercises, meridian and chakra opening techniques, meditation and lifestyle recommendations based on your mind and body constitution.

Quantum Energy Healing Sessions and Services

Energy Balance Healing
energy_balanceWithin the centerline of our bodies, along major nerve plexus, are 7 energy centers or chakras (vortices of energy), each vibrating or pulsating within a specific frequency band.

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Emotional Relationship Healing
emotional_cordWe are connected to people in our lives through cords of light and energy from our chakras to theirs. These cords represent different aspects of our relationships …

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Full Spectrum Healing
full_spectrum_thumb2A combination of chakra balance with focused healing of specific disorders or symptoms ranging from the energetic restructuring of one’s liver for improved organ function to …

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Ayurveda Lifestyle Program
ayurveda_photo2aPerfect Health explores a new model for life and health in which body, mind and soul are seen as interconnected aspects of one underlying field of intelligence.

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Stress Management Program
ayurveda_thumb2Designed for individuals or groups, this eight week program teaches well researched and proven stress management techniques that can be seamlessly incorporated into your life.

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Mentorship Program for Energy/Body Workers
mentorship_photo1A five week module helps enhance your Reiki, massage and chiropractic skill, and learn to deepen your physical contact with your clients

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A Hero / Heroine's Journey
outside6These are deeply transformative physical-psychological-spiritual energy healing sessions.

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