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Healing Botanicals

It appears to me, that these oils contain certain intrinsic properties beyond their chemical and molecular structures scientifically proven to be beneficial for our health. Perhaps it is their distilled ancient wisdom and intelligence of the 5 constitutional elements, Earth Water Fire Air and Space, that we have an affinity to and which help evoke the natural healing capabilities of our mind-emotions and our physical structures.

While formulating these healing blends, I am deeply aware of my own sacred task as a healer and a being of Earth and Spirit: The quality of the raw materials, the organic soil and the ethics with which the plants are grown, harvested and distilled, their freshness, the minimization of middle-persons and my own states of mind and emotions when I handle them. Ultimately, like Energy Healing, these oils are vehicles for physical-emotional-mental-spiritual health and evolution of one's consciousness.

Anti-Aging Highly Concentrated Deeply Rejuvenating Organic Essential Oils and Plant Elixirs for Health and Wellness, Body, Face and Hair

Locally hand-crafted in the Hudson Valley, New York, in small quantities, to ensure potency and freshness.


Body Restorative Oil Deeply hydrates, tones and restores skin's youthful appearance. Relieves minor aches and pain
Face Rejuvenating Serum Repairs and revitalizes aging or damaged skin. Smooths wrinkles
Hair Repair Elixir Luxurious lightweight hair treatment; repair split hair ends and nourish dry scalp


Muscle and Joint Pain Relief Spot massage for painful muscles and joints. Helps reduce pain and stiffness
Cold, Flu and Virus Recovery Support Healing blends of conifers to help clear sinuses while supporting a healthy immune system
Immunity Booster Support and maintain a healthy immunity
Emotional Healing Support Helps relieve stagnant anger, sadness and grief, restore mental clarity and emotional balance
Meditation Enhancing Blend Sacred and rare oils that will support and deepen your meditation practice
Mood Uplift Blend Remain stress-free for the entire day
Relax and Sleep Aid Helps you get a restful night of sleep - awaken relaxed and ready to challenge your new day
Respiratory and Sinus Congestion Relief Essential oil blends that support recovery from colds and viruses


Meditation Blend Sacred oil blends to help enhance your meditation
Mood Uplift Blend A great morning pick-up for the entire family
Respiratory and Sinus Congestion Relief Essential oil blends that help settle you down for a restful, deep sleep
Relax and Sleep Blend Essential oil blends that support recovery from colds and viruses


Essential Oil Room Spray For a healthy, calming environment. Destroys odors without masking or synthetic chemicals
Essential Oil Foaming Soap Free of chemicals, alcohol and synthetic fragrances
Wintersoft Heel and Elbow Lotion Bar Rosemary and Lavender infused moisturizer block for winter skin relief

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The healing botanical oils benefit me because they make me feel calm and de-stressed. - Debbie Hunt
Winter Soft Heal and Elbows transformed my feet from dry and unpresentable to soft and healthly looking in just a few days. A little goes a long way. Smells so good. Now when I do yoga, it feels good to look at my feet. - Sharon Affonso