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Full Spectrum Healing

What you expect from Full Spectrum Healing sessions:


  • Assessment and balancing of energy centers
  • Facilitates relief of pain and symptoms associated with many diseases
  • Surgery prep and post-surgery recovery


Session Overview
A combination of chakra balance with focused healing of specific disorders or symptoms ranging from the energetic restructuring of one’s liver for improved organ function to decreasing pain while increasing mobility and range of motion of a client’s arm following an injury to his shoulder.

I remain fascinated by the positive outcome of surgeries after clients have undergone pre- and post-surgery sessions. One required little to no pain medications following the extraction of four teeth. His oral surgeon was able to complete several distinct procedures in one sitting thereby eliminating the necessity of carrying these out over a span of several weeks.

Again, another client reported little to no pain after the surgical repair of his torn Achilles tendon. Many have had shorter recovery period from knee replacement surgeries.