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Below you will find a few of the many testimonials I have received from clients who have used my Healing Botanicals products.


Face Rejuvenating Serum:

“Being someone who reads many reviews before trying a new product, I decided to share my experience with the Healing Botanical Facial Serum. I support this amazing product which although new to this website has been in my daily routine for years! First of all, if you prefer natural and pure products and/or have sensitive skin- it is money well spent. My skin after a single use had a subtle glow and many facial lines were immediately noticeably less apparent. Hard to believe… but true. Over time, using 1 drop in the morning and another at night combined with a small amount of Jason Vitamin E cream produced even greater results with forehead lines and crow’s feet visibly reduced. I am in my late 50’s and receive frequent compliments on my skin. The bottle lasts for several months so combined with the effect… the price is reasonable. This product won’t sit on the shelf with past products that didn’t work but were too expensive in price to throw out. This is an amazing product that I highly recommend used alone or with your favorite pure moisturizer.”

-K.I., Upstate New York, originally posted at


“This product is true to its name. I use this topical oil for achy hands, neck tension, and muscular discomfort. A few drops applied at the onset of discomfort often removes or prevents it from progressing. I have a very active lifestyle and as we all sometimes overdo…..I find that this oil combined with a heating pad used safely to the affected area provides an amazing amount of relief. Being sensitive and very particular about the ingredients in anything I put on my skin, I find the purity of this product refreshing and substantial. I have been using this product for over a year and highly recommend it whatever your lifestyle. There are many applications (drops) per bottle so it lasts. I am a firm believer that you get what you pay for… and I consider this money well spent!”

-K.I., Upstate New York, originally posted at

“Ila’s essential oils are luxurious and such a treat to use.  I use the pure essential oil in my diffuser and it transforms my living space into a spa.  Cold and Stress Relief has kept me feeling well and has relieved my congestion.  I know these products are made with the high quality ingredients and with Ila’s amazing energy, they cannot be beat. “

-Sharon Affonso

“Bottom line is that Ila’s Botanical Oils heal in many ways.  I so far have used the Face Serum. In a very short period of time my face became quite a smoother. Plus the scent is beautiful. The Body Restorative Oil I use as a body oil, especially on the bottom of my feet. When I do presentations I put a drop underneath my nose. It immediately calms me.  The Sacred Oils I use for a calming influence as well. Amazing!  All of them.”

-Deborah Luna-Cerasaro

As the Owner of a Hair Salon, I strive to provide my clients with the best services and products including  her Hair Repair Elixir, The Body Oil  and Face Rejuvenating Serum Healing Botanicals. These Oils make a tremendous difference in keeping the hair healthy and the face smooth and radiant. Several clients are now exclusively using her Face Serum in their skin care regimen.

– Dawn, Ambiance Hair Salon

My friend told me about Hair Repair Elixir – HRE – and I was amazed at the changes just weeks later. Prior to using I was experiencing hair loss in the temple areas and hairline. HRE totally transformed my hair and scalp within a few weeks. My hairline was restored and my hair texture improved. The essential oils in this product help to promote healthy hair and skin. I highly recommend this product for anyone experiencing balding, thinning, dry hair and scalp.

– RM Green

“I have been using the oil on my face for almost two months—my face  has become so soft and smooth–I would highly recommend this oil to everyone—young or older–cannot do without it–I apply two drops at night on my face and massage—also I repeat it in the morning—thanks Ms Ila Gupta for creating this wonderful product.

-L. Motilall

“Winter Soft Heal and Elbows transformed my feet from dry and unpresentable to soft and healthly looking in just a few days.  A little goes a long way.  Smells so good.  Now when I do yoga, it feels good to look at my feet. “
-Sharon Affonso