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Below you will find a few of the many testimonials I have received from my clients describing their experience with Quantum Energy Healing.

I met Ila a year ago at a workshop she was conducting. Since that day, she has forever changed my life physically, mentally and spiritually. She is the REAL deal. From digestive issues to chronic pain to grief to mental PTSD, she has been instrumental in helping me to heal from them. It is a two way relationship. I come ready to do the work and Ila does the rest. I am forever grateful that our paths crossed. Working with Ila is a lifelong investment that is worth every penny.
It speaks volumes to her ability as I have to travel 2 hours each to see her.

-Shani Nicole

“I would like to take a few minutes to thank Ila for affording me the opportunity to to share in becoming one with the universe.  I have found the experience to be peaceful and calming.  Ila thanks again for the wonderful journey. “

-Marilyn G.

I began receiving energy healing treatments from Ila Gupta after I was diagnosed with severe kidney disease and slated for Kidney Dialysis . Understandably I was devastated by its’ prospect, my stress and anxiety went through the roof and I was unable to shake off my immobilizing fears about undergoing such drastic lifelong changes. Needless to say, my blood pressure, sugar metabolism and digestion were also negatively impacted, necessitating increased doses of prescribed medications.

Ila has worked long distance and in person with me for the past year or so and am very happy to report that my kidney function has improved to what it was at prior to over two years ago and before my diagnosis of severe kidney disease. My nephrologist just informed me that my Kidney function tests are only indicating a moderate level of disease and I no longer require to undergo Dialysis. He continues express a surprise at my “unexpected” levels of improvement.

My treatment goal with Ila is to revert my kidney function to a mild-moderate level within the next 12 months.

I should also point out that I have not made any other lifestyle changes except for my energy Healing Treatments with Ila.”

– Cheryl  Reynolds, North Carolina

“Ila is quite a gifted healer/energy practitioner. What is most remarkable is how grounded she is and open within her practice. I have felt huge shifts in my life just from the little work we have done together so far and have learned so much already. I look forward to working more with her and recommend anyone who is in search of something greater within themselves, to schedule time with Ila.”

– Phoebe Miller, Founder of nOMad always at OM

“Ila Gupta is an excellent teacher ,philosopher and guide .As her student in her yoga classes I have found her to be a motivational teacher pushing her students to reach their maximum potential and soak in her pearls of wisdom to transform and strenghten themselves to greater heights physically and spiritually .
As a healer she is gifted and has achieved extraordinary results as she puts her heart and soul into her work and goes beyond to help her clients feel better . She maintains the highest standards of professionalism and her skills are truly remarkable
Thank you for being you, Ila.”

-Padmini Murthy MD, MPH,FRSPH , FAMWA,
Professor / Global Health Director NYMC SHSP
MWIA Addl NGO Rep to United Nations
Executive Committee NGOCSW NY to United Nations
Governing Councilor International Health Section APHA
Sr Fellow Public Private Alliance Foundation

“The first time I met Ila for energy work, she was able to intuitively tune-in and knew that something was wrong with my knee – I hadn’t told her anything…I felt comfortable with Ila instantly, as though we already knew each other in a different life. Her genuine empathy and loving nature kept the conversation flowing easily. I left that day with a special oil ( one of many she mixes herself) to use on my knee..and wow, it worked wonders! Most importantly, after subsequent visits, Ila was able to align my chakras – when she shifted my root chakra back into place it was such as powerful experience and she has helped me tremendously. Thank you, Ila”

-Tom Guerrera

“I smoked for 40 years and now am a non-smoker! The change does not stop with me, it spreads and ripples out to everyone and everything I encounter. I love and live this journey and am grateful every day, every moment that Ila appeared when I was ready”.

-Mona Keibler

I have been seeing Ila for 2 years. I love her practice and everything she stands for. I call her “My Healer Lady”  because of her skills as well as calming and  peaceful presence .Her Energy Healing Sessions have genuinely benefitted my family, friends and clients with long lasted effects.   It has been my pleasure and privilege to witness improvements in their physical pain and mental and emotional wellbeing, and for this reason, I continue to recommend her services.”

– Dawn, Ambiance Hair Salon

“Ila has  helped me in finding  answers to my  dilemmas,  showing me the way by  uncovering old communication patterns and  by looking at established  feelings and thought patterns deep within my psyche. In very few sessions I gained an insight that has helped me to be less stressed  in my personal and professional life.  Her energy work has helped me feel lighter and more energetic, enabling me to practice a less blocked way of  thinking allowing me to progress in my life more satisfied .  I am grateful for her impact on my life!”

– Elizabeth Robinson, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

“I was experiencing painful plantar fasciitis with limitation of movement coupled with hand swelling and reddened, raised knuckle nodules.  Determined to heal well and resume my exercise regimen, I began energy healing sessions with Ila.

 Her multi-disciplinary approach focused on restoring energy balance in my body while identifying and correcting the root cause of my health problems with dietary and exercise recommendations specifically chosen to promote my individual wellness. To my amazement, the initial energy healing  session relieved some of the discomfort and swelling with subsequent sessions resolving ALL symptoms.  I highly recommend Quantum Energy Healing!”

– Kimberly Iacoponi, RN

“My search for wellness has led me on many paths, some helpful others less so. I am someone who has never “fit” into the treatment categories assigned by traditional medicine. My reluctance, to settle for medications that may offer relief but do not solve the underlying reason or cause for the illness, led me to look elsewhere. The “looking elsewhere” was often disheartening and frustrating.  Traditional medicine can be helpful but often doesn’t address the bigger picture.  I am a veteran of many alternative therapy modalities. Over the years, all have been helpful in strengthening my resolve that I had chosen my correct healing path.  Ila was recommended to me by a local acupuncturist to supplement my current healing regimen.   The sessions with Ila were focused on “me”, not a pre-conceived notion of where I fit into an existing treatment plan.  The results continue to be immediate and effective. “

– Kimberly Iacoponi, RN

“As a social worker, I feel it is my calling to help provide for those in need.I have found myself struggling to balance my chosen path of service and the feelings which well up as a result of who I am, and those I serve. Together with Ila‘s guidance and nurture I am able to hold a mirror up to myself and examine the fibers I am made up of. The journey to understanding is all encompassing, and the gentle assurance which Ila has provided to me in our sessions has been empowering and beautiful. Through our work together I have felt my life grow richer, and I am grateful.”

Pia Price, MSW

My sessions with Ila have been invaluable. From the very first session, I felt a sense of peace and calm unlike anything I’ve felt before. Her wisdom, compassion and loving kindness were exactly what I needed to Heal. She intuitively knew my areas of strengths and needs to help me heal. I am honored to know such a wise and talented healer.

– Rheam Deans, Clinical Psychologist

“A day before and for several days after my bilateral knee replacement surgery, Ila gave me healing treatment. I was able to walk very soon after the surgery and the level of pain was completely tolerable without medication !! The nurses commented they had seen a patient who had not needed strong pain relievers after a surgery of the kind I had. I am pretty confident that Ila’s treatment and the practice of yoga asanas helped tremendously. Within months after, I hiked in Arizona and subsequently have climbed the second highest peak of Machu Pichu and the Great Wall in China.”

– Vaishali Wagle

Ila’s healing sessions have provided me with pre and post-surgical pain relief and shortened recovery time. Her healings have restored emotional balance in several areas of my life. Because of her, I now care for my health and body in a more self-nurturing manner.

– Antje Landanno

Through Energy healing and physical restructuring, Ila provided tremendous pain relief by restoring my body’s alignment. She is now on my speed dial for the next time my back acts up.

– Pallavi Wagle

Not only is Ila a great healer, she is also an amazing person, philosopher, and guide.

– Radhika Rachamala

I suffered from chronic pain and congestion in my right nostril for years following a motorcycle accident. Medical treatment failed to relieve my discomfort. I have remained symptom free after a session with Ms. Gupta in 5/03.

– Richard Bale

I suffered from constipation for years resorting to the use of daily laxatives. Sessions with Ila have left me symptom free.


I went to Ms. Gupta after being diagnosed with a cyst on my left ovary. After a session, the cyst was no longer located on my follow up ultrasound a few days later. The associated pain also disappeared after the healing.

– Francine Glasser, CSW-R

I had left shoulder pain for a long time and did not want to depend on pain medication to function. I decided to try energy haling with Ila. There was immediate cessation of pain and full range of motion was achieved within 48 hours.

– Indu Lal, M.D.

“I had been having pain in my left knee to the point that when I first arose from bed, I couldn’t put any weight on it, and when I did, it was very tender. I also felt that my left hip was getting weaker. The findings of Bone Density tests of 4/2/98 and 11/19/99 supported my concerns: My bones were getting weaker.

I wanted to try yoga for its bones and joint strengthening benefits, but was concerned for any resultant injuries of worsening my condition.

Ila suggested an energy healing session to help increase my body’s energy flow which perhaps would encourage me to try her yoga class. Not knowing what to expect from an energy healing session, I none the less, agreed to a single treatment. These are my experiences:

I could feel Ila’s energetic hands” holding my feet, knees and shoulders while her physical hands were actually on my spine. There was also quite a bit of bubbling of vibrations from my feet to shoulders.

While driving home that evening, I felt extremely light as though I would float away had I not been securely belted to my car seat. A bit later, I was able to move my left leg in positions that would have been painful just a few hours earlier, except now there was no pain. The next morning, my knee and leg remained pain free, even after I put a downward pressure on that foot.

Later that day, I tried my very first yoga class with Ila and to my pleasant surprise, it without any pain or weakness in my leg, knee and hips.

I have been attending Ila’s yoga classes for almost a year now and am happy to report that my 11/20/00 Bone Density tests showed much improvement in my hips. My Doctor commented that my level of improvement was very unusual.

The only changes in my life have been Ila’s energy healing treatments and yoga classes.”

-Joan B. 

“I sought another healing treatment with Ila as even though my left hip had remained pain free since her previous treatments, it was now my right hip that was beginning to show “age related” signs of wear and tear.

The morning of my session, I injured my right eye, possibly having scratched my cornea. It was very uncomfortable, red and swollen with sensations of pin pricks. I knew that medical attention would be needed the following day.

Throughout the healing, even when Ila was not working on it, my right eye filled up with tears running down my cheek, while the left remained unaffected. This was followed by itching sensations in the effected eye.

I let my eyes rest during that evening and night, without interfering with the natural healing process.

My right eye was completely healed by the morning!”

-Joan B. 

“My friend Lynn R. is severely diabetic along with a host of other serious medical issues and has been 3-6 months to live. She resides in Florida and is unable to directly benefit from Ila’s treatments. Ila agreed to do a long distance treatment on Lynn while using me as a conduit. Out of my concern for Lynn’s emotional wellbeing, I decided not to give her an advance notice of this gift of healing. Frankly speaking, I was skeptical myself and did not want my friend to receive one more discouraging news in the event the treatment was a failure.

I should have known better!

It turns out, that unbeknown to me during the time of her long-distance healing, Lynn had been hospitalized for a few days with severe never before experienced levels of chest, back and shoulder pain.

During that night, Lynn’s condition unexpectedly improved and she was discharged with relatively minimal pain-relieving medications.

During the healing session, my arms, chest and shoulders felt extremely heavy, though I suffered no such after effects once the session was concluded.

Neither Ila nor I were aware of Lynn’s excruciating pain during her gift of healing”

-Joan B.