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From My Grandmother’s Kitchen: Healing Foods and Water

My Grandmother’s kitchen in New Delhi, India, was tiny, even from my vantage point as a young child: Comprised mostly of a cement platform on which she sat and cooked our meals on a coal filled, clay lined stove- angithi.

ayurveda-blogI would catch the soft rhythmic chanting of her daily prayers while the fragrance from a ghee (clarified butter) lamp permeated the atmosphere and Goddess Annapurna ( the Giver of Nourishment) benevolently looked upon us from her alter in a recessed alcove in a wall. A ghee lamp, I was to later learn, purifies the environment ,ridding it of air borne allergens while protecting and lubricating one’s nasal membranes.

We, my brothers and I, would squeeze into the even tinier space in front of her platform as she fed us her prayer infused food and water. Without explicitly stating, this was her way of increasing healing vibrations in our bodies.
Over the years, as my experience and relationship to energy healing has deepened, and having been exposed to the works of researchers such as Dr. Masaru Emoto (The Hidden Messages in Water), my practice of food preparation too has evolved. Cooking is now a meditation with focused attention to the task at hand. It is said that mindfulness is an act of love. So here I am, over six decades later, consciously infusing loving peaceful vibrations in food that will be consumed by my family and in gratitude to my Grandmother as I continue her legacy.

Influenced by Dr. Emoto’s work, I have experimented with imbuing our drinking water with various healing intentions.

Here is a client’s experience:

“The idea of water having the ability to absorb and then transmit an intention was an intriguing new concept. With, Ila’s guidance, I created an infusion of “gratitude” in a clear glass carafe labeled with the intention facing towards the water leaving it undisturbed for 24 hours. Recent changes in my circumstances had affected my outlook, and I found that several glasses of the “gratitude water” gave me a more positive and relaxed state of mind. I have since added 2 carafes to my daily collection, one labeled “Heal” and another, “Sleep Well”. I receive benefits from both on a daily basis feeling stronger as well as sleeping much better.

I have even tried the healing water on my cat’s recurrent eye irritation with positive results. Healthy water is amazing and remarkable!”

Kimberly I.

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