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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below are some of the questions I often get asked by new and prospective clients.

Just click on the “+” sign to see each answer. If you don’t see your question answered here, please call me at 845-702-8541, or use my contact form, and I will be happy to answer them for you.

What is pre- and post-surgery healing?
The focus of a pre-surgery energy healing session is to prepare a client’s body for the impending procedure and infuse in him or her a sense of calmness and confidence in its positive outcome. This normally takes place a day or two prior to the surgery.

Specifically, the energy of the organ/body part that is scheduled to be operated upon or removed, is disengaged from the physical body, as in the case of a gall bladder removal, so that the actual organ/body part is easier to remove and complications and trauma are minimized. The same principle applies to tendon/ligament repair, as in Achilles tendon. Here the torn fibers are energetically repaired prior the actual surgery.

The focus of the post- surgery healing session is faster recovery and return to normal functioning for the client. Ideally takes place the day of or after the surgery.

Specifically, the healing rebalances the energy grid disturbed during the surgery and increases the flow of energy in the client’s body. Any prosthesis, plates, grafts, stents etc. are energetically integrated into the surrounding tissue thereby shortening the recovery period. The energy of dyes and anesthesia are flushed from the liver and kidneys.
Over the years, I have repeatedly seen quicker and faster recovery in my clients with a marked decrease in their use of pain medications.

How does long distance healing work?
Clients who are ill or at a distance can receive the benefits of energy healing from their home or hospital bed.

Just as cell phones or computers transmit and receive data via radio waves and electrical impulses without the use of physical connectivity of a cable line, so do I. After connecting with you by phone, skype or another video chat device, or even your photograph, I use the energy and vibrations of the environment to tune into your energy system, assess its condition and release any blocked energy while infusing feelings of peace and healing in your body.

From surgery prep and recovery, pain reduction, strengthening a diseased organ, emotional and mental support and relational cords healing to preparing you for an important meeting, interview or exam, can be effectively accomplished via long distance healing sessions.

What is grief and loss healing?
Death, separation, abandonment or abuse and betrayal by a loved one or a caretaker has a major impact on the body, mind and consciousness, creating havoc and destabilization of all these energy systems.

The chakras or energy centers may be blown open, the relational cords torn apart or become stagnant and heavy. Like a backed up water pipe they begin to collect energetic mucus, mildew and mold. Cleaning and clearing of these cords and repairing the chakras is vital to restoration of emotional, mental and physical health. The sooner that these sessions take place after the traumatic event the faster is the recovery of the nervous system.

Please see Relational Cords healing page for more information. Enhanced support may include heart opening exercises, releasing emotional pain through sound etc.

Why would client have chosen to see Ila?
A client responds:

“My search for wellness has led me on many paths, some helpful others less so. I am someone who has never “fit” into the treatment categories assigned by traditional medicine. My reluctance, to settle for medications that may offer relief but do not solve the underlying reason or cause for the illness, led me to look elsewhere. The “looking elsewhere” was often disheartening and frustrating. Traditional medicine can be helpful but often doesn’t address the bigger picture.

I am a veteran of many alternative therapy modalities. Over the years, all have been helpful in strengthening my resolve that I had chosen my correct healing path. Ila was recommended to me by a local acupuncturist to supplement my current healing regimen. The sessions with Ila were focused on “me”, not a preconceived notion of where I fit into an existing treatment plan. The results continue to be immediate and effective”.

– Kimberly I

What is my money back guarantee?
During your first healing session, after having assessed the state of your energy system, I am usually able to recommend a certain number of sessions that would likely improve your presenting complaint or issue(s). In the event this does not happen, I will refund the full cost of your sessions.

Please remember that as a healer I serve as a facilitator in your own healing process. I do not medically diagnose or prescribe treatment. My approach is holistic with a focus on you as a complex dynamic unique being – a body, mind and spirit. During our work together, you will be expected to continue your treatment with your medical and or mental health provider(s).

What are my special discounts?
I discount up to 50% from the cost of your session for each new client that you refer to me. The number is unlimited: If you refer 5 friends, and they have sessions with me, you will get 5 discounted (up to 50% off) sessions for yourself. Please remember that I am able to work long distance too, so your family members or friends do not need to be in this area. Because of my money back guarantee, there is no risk to them and a tremendous benefit to you. Think about anyone you know who has back pain, or has difficulties in their relationships, or can’t seem to finish (or start) a creative project. Think about friends having surgery, either minor or major, who can benefit from a reduced need for pain medications and faster recovery. These are issues I can help with.

Please have them call me at (845) 702-8541 and mention your name as the person who referred them.