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A Full Spectrum Healing

Sessions and Trainings: A World of Wholeness

Quantum Energy Healing sessions are a comprehensive approach to body-mind-spirit wellness through the use of Brennan Healing Science hands on healing techniques, Ayurveda, Reiki, yoga breath-work and other complementary treatments that support your individual needs and accelerate your body’s innate healing capabilities.

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Recent Initiative: Horse Healing

Norman, the Horse

This was my first experience in actual physical and energetic repair and treatment on a horse. Although over the years I have balanced energies of some over- and- under-active cats and dogs, none of them compared to the challenges and rewards of my work with Norman.

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Immunity Strengthening Meditation

My meditations are unrehearsed, spontaneous and unedited to preserve the flow and transmission of healing energies to the listener.

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Ila Gupta is an excellent teacher ,philosopher and guide .As her student in her yoga classes I have found her to be a motivational teacher pushing her students to reach their maximum potential and soak in her pearls of wisdom to transform and strenghten themselves to greater heights physically and spiritually .

As a healer she is gifted and has achieved extraordinary results as she puts her heart and soul into her work and goes beyond to help her clients feel better . She maintains  the highest standards of professionalism and her skills are truly remarkable

Thank you for being you, Ila

Padmini Murthy MD, MPH,FRSPH , FAMWA, Professor / Global Health Director NYMC SHSP MWIA Addl NGO Rep to United Nations Executive Committee NGOCSW NY to United Nations Governing Councilor International Health Section APHA Sr Fellow Public Private Alliance Foundation

I began receiving energy healing treatments from Ila Gupta after I was diagnosed with severe kidney disease and slated for Kidney Dialysis . Understandably I was devastated by its’ prospect, my stress and anxiety went through the roof and I was unable to shake off my immobilizing fears about undergoing such drastic lifelong changes. Needless to say, my blood pressure, sugar metabolism and digestion were also negatively impacted, necessitating increased doses of prescribed medications.

Ila has worked long distance and in person with me for the past year or so and am very happy to report that my kidney function has improved to what it was at prior to over two years ago and before my diagnosis of severe kidney disease. My nephrologist just informed me that my Kidney function tests are only indicating a moderate level of disease and I no longer require to undergo Dialysis. He continues express a surprise at my “unexpected” levels of improvement.

My treatment goal with Ila is to revert my kidney function to a mild-moderate level within the next 12 months.

I should also point out that I have not made any other lifestyle changes except for my energy Healing Treatments with Ila.

Cheryl Reynolds North Carolina

Through Energy healing and physical restructuring, Ila provided tremendous pain relief by restoring my body's alignment. She is now on my speed dial for the next time my back acts up.

Pallavi Wagle

I had left shoulder pain for a long time and did not want to depend on pain medication to function. I decided to try energy haling with Ila. There was immediate cessation of pain and full range of motion was achieved within 48 hours.

Indu Lal, M.D.